UX researcher examining the social, behavioral, and emotional

influences on our interactions with technology.

Master's project, Georgia Tech
A virtual reality system that teaches users to meditate and equips them with skills to continue their practice beyond the virtual environment.
NAMI Resource App
Class project, Georgia Tech
An application that helps people seeking help for themselves or others to find mental health resources anytime, anywhere.
Graduate research assistantship, Georgia Tech
A tablet that offers personalized health information to support breast cancer patients through their diagnosis, treatment, and survivorship.
Moe’s Burrito Quest
Class project, Georgia Tech
An exploration of how a fun-loving restaurant chain can engage customers with voice interactive technology. 

I'm Rachel, and I have a passion
for understanding people.

My goal is to understand how people use and experience technology to inform designs that can impact their lives.

Studying psychology has provided me with a way to make sense of the world around me. I apply my psychology background to user experience research to empathize with users and translate findings into meaningful implications for designs they interact with each day. My past work with patients in clinical research sparked my interest in the intersection of health and technology and applying empirical research methods.


Along with my passion for people, I also have a passion for photography